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Vedic religion and Vardhaman Mahaveer Swami

Vedik religion and Hindu Religion
Vedik religion and Hindu Religion

Vedic religion and Vardhaman Mahaveer Swami

Rigveda is considered to be the oldest script of the world, according to historians, the composition of the Rig Veda may have been probably from 1500 to 1000 BC, after which, the other three Vedas would have been composed in 1500 B.C. before 200 AD, the number of Vedas 4th is the Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, also found in Iran, which is named Avesta Avestan, according to Dr. Radha Kumudand, "Rig veda and A There is so much similarity in Vesta that Article of the entire paragraph can be done in Indian language without any word or texture. "

The Vedas are of utmost importance in Hinduism, the Vedas are considered as authentic texts, that is, every single word written in the Vedas is considered completely true. It is believed that, just as the eyes of the world are needed to see objects, similarly the Vedas are required to know the supernatural second world facts. Those who do not believe in the Vedas and those who condemn the Vedas are called atheists. Considering the Vedas as authentic texts, Puranas and Ramayana, Mahabharata were composed, therefore Vedas and epics have been considered as part of Vedas. There are several such principles in the Vedas that those who follow Hindu religion (Brahmin religion) follow the main principles in those principles.

1. The composition of the words is God-devoted, the Vedas emerged from the mouth of Brahma.

2. Because Vedas have come out of Brahma's mouth, therefore one word of the Vedas can not be questioned.

3. Brahma has composed the universe (universe).

4. Brahmaan from the mouth of Brahma, Kshatriyas from the arms, Vaishyas from the stomach, and Shudras have been formed from the feet. That is why the Brahmin class is the highest and the highest, below the Kshatriya Brahmins but above the Vaishyas, the Vaishyas are above the Kshatriyas and above the Shudras. In the four letters, the Shudras are considered to be the lowest.

5. According to the teachings, teaching of Brahmin's work and teaching of religious rituals, reigning and protecting the work of Kshatriyas, doing business of Vaishyas and doing the only work of Shudras to serve three characters.

6. According to the Vedas, women of all classes, including Shudras and Brahmins, have no right to read and do rituals.

7. According to the habits, the person is born in higher and lower total according to the deeds of previous birth.

8. Receiving liberation or salvation of the soul is done by sacrificing animals in Vedic sacrifices and performing other religious functions and donating to Brahmins.

Even those who criticized the Vedas have been called atheists, but Saint Mahatmas who have been criticizing the Vedas from the ancient times and not accepting the Vedas in the country have been born, who rebelled from Hinduism (Brahmin religion) and Hindus Dharma (Brahman Dharma) has been making separate sect (Dharma) apart.

Vedic religion was dominated in India till the 7th century BC, character system was strictly adhered to. The king and the ruler used to rule the Vedic system according to the instructions of Brahmins and Raj Gurus. Animals were sacrificed in sacrifice, superstitions and rituals were dominated by the untouchables used to be away from the shadow of the untouchables.

At such times, in 599 BC, the founder of Jain religion Vardhaman Mahavir was born, Mahavir Swamy refused to accept the Vedas as authentic texts, and his independent views were removed from the Vedas of Mahavira, who were strictly against the sacrifice of animals in yagya, Mahavir  wanted that all the creatures have the right to live, so all people should stay away from violence, their teachings have a profound effect on the people. Have had And due to that deep effect, people became disillusioned with Vedic religion, and many kings and rulers became the disciples of Vardhaman Mahavir Swami, people who believed in the teachings and teachings of Mahavir Swami were called Jain afterwards Jain cult Brahmin religion Separated from a separate cult religion became established.

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Vedic religion and Buddha Dham

Vedic religion and Buddha Dham

Vedic religion and Buddha Dham
Mahatma Buddha was born in 563 BC in a Kshatriya family. His father's refinement was then the king of Kapilavastu. His mother's name was Mahamaya. Even after being born in a state family, Lord Buddha's mind did not feel in the palace and pleasures, and left home for a period of 29 years. After 6 years of wandering, he got knowledge under the people's tree in Bodh Gaya. Lord Buddha gave his first sermon in Sarnath, which is called the Dhamma Chakra initiator, Lord Buddha did not believe in the authenticity of the Vedas, his approach was a scientific approach.

1. Where in the Brahmin religion (Hinduism) the Vedas are said to be God's creation, Lord Buddha did not believe in the existence of God, in response to the questions of Vasattha and Bharadwaj Brahmins, Lord Buddha Lord Buddha had said that when Nobody saw Brahma? If no Brahma Brahma was interviewed then how do you believe that Brahma is the existence of Brahma?

2. Where Brahmin Dharma (Hinduism) has said, that no word of Vedas vedas can be questioned. While addressing the same Kalam Kshatriyas, Tathagata Gautam Lord Buddha had said that there can not be any such thing which is completely inadequate with the possibility of being wrong, not even the Vedas, therefore Lord Buddha said that everything will be tested and amended. Tathagata continued the statement, "O Kalam, do not think of any thing just because he has come to your hearing, do not think of anything just because he came from tradition. Just do not think of any thing (hence) that many people are his supporters, do not just think of any thing that it is written in the scriptures, do not think of any thing just because he is a respected teacher "Before accepting something, it should be thoroughly examined by his wisdom and discretion, and when it seems that a thought is of interest to everyone, then he should accept it.

3. Hinduism (Brahman Dharma) states that the creation of the world has been done, the same God Buddha had said in the discussion with the Wassetath Brahmins and Bharadwaj Brahmins, that if God has created the universe, then by what matter Creation has created the universe. If there was a substance coming before the creation of the universe, so that God has created the creation, then God can not be called the first creator of creation, God is unknown, invisible, nobody can prove that this world is God Has created the world has not been created.

4. According to Hindu religion Brahmin is the highest, Brahmin class is highest because Brahmin class has originated from the mouth of Brahma, Lord Buddha had said in response to Ashwaleen Brahmin's question that when the women of Brahmins were women of other classes As is the season of birth, conceive, give birth to children, how can it be said, that is the best.

5. In the Vedas, the social system of the character has been called ideal society system, reading and teaching of Brahmin's work, doing the duty of the Kshatriyas and protecting, doing business of Vaishyas and doing work of shudras for the above three characters To serve, Lord Buddha replied in the answer to the question of Asura Brahmin, that if Chatwarna is an ideal society system then Yavan and Kamovos will be in neighboring countries. This caste system do not apply. Lord Buddha said further, as far as I am concerned, one should do the same profession, the business in which his condition is good, and that business should be abandoned, due to which his condition is bad.

6. According to the Brahmin religion, according to the religion of Shudra and women of all sections, the right to write and worship is not the right because women are impure, but Lord Buddha did not consider such a thing; they gave birth to women like Mahat Prajapati Gautami, Yashodhara, Nature's Sundalika Dixit in his religion, and without any discrimination in Pali, Barber, Bhangi Suneet, Untouchables, Brahmins and many kings, Damage done.

7. According to Hindu religion, to sacrifice the sacrifice of liberation or salvation of the soul is sacrificed in sacrificial animals and performing other religious actions and donating to the Brahmins, but Lord Buddha was against the sacrifice of animals in sacrificial animals, Ujjay In response to Brahmin's question, Tathagata Gautam Buddha had said, Hey! The sacrifice of a cow in the sacrifice of a cow in which the cow is slaughtered, goats and sheep are sacrificed, many kinds of creatures are killed, I do not praise such sacrifices.
8. According to Hindu religion (Brahmin religion), the person is born in the higher or lower total according to the good deeds of his previous birth, he did not consider any of the total elevated or low, when a Buddha family had a Raj family When people came together to take the initiation of Upali Nai, Tathagata Buddha first conferred the Nai Upali in the monk's Sangha, then after that he initiated the princes in the monk's union so that Shakya total It is possible to greet the Upstairs Barley as bigger than him, because before that Bhikkhu Sangha was treated as bigger. Nor did Buddha believe in the reincarnation of the soul, while speaking with Jain monks, stressed that happiness and suffering of the present life is the result of circumstances.

Influenced by Tathagata Buddha's religion, most of the kings left the Vedic religion (Hinduism) and they became worshipers of Buddhism, among them King Ajatshatru of Magadha, whose kingdom was located in southern Bihar, Lichchavi of Vaishali state, Kapilavastu Shakya The total of which was born, the Ahakta ki Balli Ramgram Koli, the Pavah medal, and the Kushinagar prize were etc. The rulers of these states adopted Buddhism and Vedic Abandoned Rm.

In the third century BC, Emperor Ashoka abandoned Vedic religion and became a devotee of Buddhism, became a devotee, Emperor Asoka promoted Buddhism throughout India as well as abroad, King Kanishka and sixth in the first century In the century, King Harshavardhana also became a worshiper of Buddhism after leaving Vedic religion. The disintegration of people from Vedic religion has continued and there has been a continuous erosion (vandalism) in Vedic religion.
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Mayawati PM claim to be confirm

Mayawati PM claim to be confirm
BSP Pracidant mayawati ji
Mayawati Ji
2019 Election As it is approaching, opposition parties have started to unite against the BJP in 2019, in this way, the strongest side against BJP and the candidate of the Bahujan Samaj Party as president of the National President  Kumari Mayawati ji is the first name, that is because if the tent of BJP is able to evacuate anybody then she is Mayawati ji and she is the Bahan ji best candidate for the post of Prime Minister.
And talk about Mayawati ji rule, they have a very good experience to rule 4 times in India's largest state of Uttar Pradesh, and the strengthening of law and order in their governments is not being concealed from anyone, The claim of the PM position becomes even stronger, the Congress and other opposition parties, who are trying to oust the BJP from power, are not possible to live without the sister because Bahujan Samaj.

Allinson of the recently-held SP BSP proves that whatever party of Bahujan Samaj Party combines alliance with the party is sure to win.

EX: - 1 By now, the by-election of the Lok Sabha by-election in Uttar Pradesh, the BSP supported the election of SP. In Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath,parliamentary,constituency and Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya defeated BJP in the Lok Sabha constituency. The BJP was defeated in another by-election.

EX: - 2. A coalition of BSP and JDS was formed in the Karnataka elections in May, the party which was on the verge of ending JDS, the BSP won 38 seats and the Congress was not able to get majority because of the knees Coming back to JDS and making CM Kumar JD of JDS and becoming an MLA minister of BSP.
If BSP did not combine these parties, then winning these parties alone would not be possible.
Recently, from the latest example, it proves that no party of BSP can not gain power and sister Kumari Mayawati is the biggest contender for the post of Prime Minister, some days before seeing a video clip of National Dastak In the video clips, National Knock Editor's journalist Shambhu Kumar Singh ji heard his statement in the video and said about BSP, "If the BSP leaves 5-5 seats in 28 states except Uttar Pradesh Alliance does, but sister can easily become PM.

This statement made me feel good, so I wrote in the article, if anybody is able to show BJP out of power, then she is Bahan Kumari Mayawati.

Jay Bheem  Jay Bharat Jay Kanshiram.

What you need to do in this article is to take a lot of time to write an article in the comments box, so please give your feedback.
Rahul Bouddh
Bahujan Awaaz Sagar Any Suggestion to me you can Contact me.
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70 years of Independence and our Constitution

70 years of Independence and our Constitution
70 years of Independence and our Constitution
We left the the British on 15th August 1947 from our country. Often, we have told this only that when the British left India, we got independence but we could not call it true independence, if we got independence in the right way, then Independence came when Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote a constitution based on the country's equality, independence and brotherhood, giving equal rights to all the citizens of the country and on January 26, 1950, the Constitution of the country The applicable was applicable, but this constitution has remained on the page only.
When Dr. Ambedkar was prepared by the constitution of this country on 26th November 1949 and appeared in the Constituent Assembly on that day, then Baba Saheb gave a speech in the Constituent Assembly that "I will not be able to count the goodness of the Constitution because I think that If the Constitution of India is not good, but the determination of those who run it will not be clean, then this Constitution will eventually prove to be bad, but the Constitution of the country is so bad”.

Today even after 68 years of leaving the country for 70 years of British rule, and even after 68 years of declaration of the Constitution, there is a system of Social economically ,Politically irresponsible in this country, today in today 21st century India, oppression of oppression in the name of casteism And people's land is grabbed. The reservation system which is in the Constitution of the country is being weakened, today is the day when there are incidents of rape with sisters and daughters of Bahujan Samaj, poverty rises in the name of religion and religiousness in poverty in the country.

More than 40 million youths of the country are victims of unemployment and escapism; incidents like suicide of farmers in the coming days; Today the situation of farmers, laborers, job seekers, and small businessmen in this country Has become bad to worse.

In such a country which has ruled for 70 years and is doing it, he never made the Constitution in the right mind, and the Brahmins did not apply the constitution of the country to the Constitution of India, whether it was the BJP government at the Center. Whether it was the Congress government, he never fully implemented the Constitution, but tried to weaken the Constitution.
These Brahminical people tried to eliminate the constitution but due to the Bahujan leaders like Kanshiram Sahab did not do so, but now in the 21st Century, because of the BJP's RSS in the Central and the States, once again the danger of constitution increases and if the BJP returns to power in 2019 then it will change the constitution and make this country a Hindu nation.
We are not writing this like this. I want to remind all the people through this article that the statement of the Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde of the Bharatiya Janata Party was exposed on December 25, 2017. He said that in the year 2019, Will return again.
This statement of BJP central minister proves that Brahminic governments want to end the constitution in the country and Brahmanical people are going towards ending the constitution of this country and going towards making a Hindu nation, means Hindu nation. According to the Hindu religion in the Hindu nation in this country, the manuvan system once again came back, this country is divided into Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya and Shudra four characters. (Divided), the Brahmanical system means high and low caste casteism, superstition, system of blind faith, if this system is implemented in this country, then in the lowest order in the Varna system, 52% OBC, SC ST and women of all classes Women will not be given any rights and their condition will be very bad.
If this Brahminic government has to be stopped, then 85% of the country's Bahujan Samaj will have to be united and in the elections of 2019, Brahminical governments will have to show their way out of power. Only then can we save this system and the Constitution.

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Must read-How and when to become Hindus

How and when to become Hindus

Must read-How and when to become Hindus

In the ancient religious literature of India, the word Hindu is not written anywhere. Brahmin literature (Vedic literature) Buddhist literature or Jain literature, in all these ancient and religious literature, the old word which is found in relation to religion, is the word Arya.
According to Jawaharlal Nehru, the old broad word for religion or religion is found in India (Arya Dharma) that all the thoughts come within the Aryan religion, which has its origin in India. Whether they are Vedic, whether or not Buddhism, even if it is the opinion of the Jains. The word 'Aya' has also been used by the Buddhists and the Jains. Buddha always used the path of his salvation to be called Arya Marg. "
Vedic religion "or" Brahmin religion "is used for the moral teachings and practices of those who are believed to be based on the Vedas. In this way all those people who generally consider Vedas as proof books are called Vedic religion or Brahmin religion. Similarly, Lord Gautam Buddha's teachings and teachings are believed to be worshipers and Buddhist monk Buddhist sect or Buddhist dhamma. Similarly, people who believe in the teachings and teachings of Lord Mahavir Swami (Nigthanthnath's son) are called people of Jain religion. Scientific evidence to believe that the person teaching the other gurus of Sikhism are called to follow Sikhism Hindu word is a foreign word. Foreign Muslims had given this name to the residents of India.
The people of West and Central Asia used the word Hindu for the people of India but for those settling across the Shindu river. The word Hindu is apparently derived from the word Sindhu. Hindus and Hindus are formed by this word of Sindhu, Hindus do not mean people who believe in a particular religion, but those who live across the Shindhu river are living across the Sindhu river, meaning Vedic, Jain, The people of Buddhist and Sikh sects believe in it. In India, people of Western and Central Asia used to call Hindus who believe in all these Panths.
In the Indian Constitution there is a clear interpretation of Hindu words and Hinduism. Under the Explanation 2 of Article 25 of the Constitution, the person who believes in Vedic, Sikh, Jain and Buddhism is Hindu, and instructions for the religious institutions of Hindus will be imposed by the institutions of Vedic, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist religions. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution and it is clear from the historical facts that Hinduism is a Hindu family of four religions, Vedic religion, Sikh religion, Jainism and Buddhism.
Vedic religion was also called Brahmin religion even during the Buddhist and in later times. Because Brahmin religion has been given priority and Brahmin is promoted and promoted by the Brahmins. Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act and Hindus All the laws that have been made for them (Brahmin religion, Buddhist religion, Jainism, and Sikh religion) are those who believe in these four religions and According to the Constitution, people who celebrate these four religions are Hindus. But when the country's government is making census at the time of census, only people who believe in Brahmin religion (Vedic religion) in the census of Hindus Census of Hindus who consider Buddhist, Sikh and Jain cult is not done in Hindus.
The staff involved in the census ask questions to the people, tell them that you believe that religion, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist or other religion, in these religions. While on the basis of Indian constitution and historical facts, people should be questioned at the time of census, if you believe in Hinduism, then which cult you consider, because Hindus are Brahmin creed, Jain sect, Sikhism, Buddhist cult People who believe in the four creed are called.But obviously the census workers do not take different information of the sects of Hindu religion, they are those who believe in Brahmin religion.
People who believe in Hinduism write census and people of Jain, Buddhist and Sikh castes do census separately from the Hindus. This is because during the census of the country, most of the Brahmins still remain in the government positions. is . Brahmin is sitting on the top of the power and so far the Brahmins sit in the country. Policy makers in the country are mostly Brahminical people. That is why these Brahminical politicians propagate Brahminism as Hinduism and Brahmin religion as Hindu religion. So that the fatal Brahminism for the country and humanity can not weaken from the country.
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What is Reservation in India

Reservation is a topic which has the most discussion and politics on the subject. Reservation In almost every election there is an electoral issue in some form of reservation.
What is Reservation
What is Reservation ?
Political parties lose and win elections on the issue. The basic purpose of reservation is to overcome the inequality in the midst of different sections and establish a parallel society. Apart from ancient times (old time) in our India country, discrimination was done and injustice has been made. The society was divided into four parts or letters in an unscientific manner. The characters were (Brahmin, Kshatriyya, Vaishya, and Shudra) in the Vedas and in religious books only the Shudras were given the same rights. It is the right to serve selflessness without three letters. In religious books, Shudra Varna has been severely insulted in many places by calling it a lowly character. As Tulsidas wrote in Ramacharit-Manas page number 986 in Chaukhan No. 3.
“Talei, Kumhar Chandal, Bhil, Kol, and Kalwar etc. which are below the characters, after the death of the woman or the property of the house is destroyed, the head shrouts and becomes monk”
They worship themselves with Brahmins. And destroy both the folk with their hands. In ancient times, the Vedas and religious books got the status of the constitution. In these religious books, the king used to rule, the reservation started from this period.

According to Manusmriti, the posts of the priest, the chief adviser of the king, the post of the penalist, and the posts of the ministers were reserved for Brahmins, all important posts were safe for the Brahmins, all the ministers were Brahmins. Non-Brahmin castes could not reach big positions, so the legislation was created to maintain monopoly on education. For the women of lower classes of Hindu society and Brahmins, women studied for the crime and declared a crime, which violated the provision of harsh punishment.
Shloka number 67 of Part 2 of Manusmruti states: -

“ As for the Shudras, it is forbidden to do the initiation (Janau Samskar) of the Guru. In the same way, it is forbidden for women to read and study Guru initiation. In the ancient times, due to such discrimination, due to lack of full governance and lack of education, the condition of all the tribals, backward classes and all the dalit women became so pathetic and thought that this example could not be found elsewhere in the world. It was also difficult for the Dalit class to stay alive. The people of the dalit class could not do good work and neither the dalit class could worship in the temples, nor could they drink water in ponds and neither could they lay foot on many public roads. While such a deal was not done with dog cat and other animals.

For thousands of years women (of all classes), tribals, Dalits and Backward classes continue to thrive in the mill of this religious injustice. Many kings in the country became kings and rulers, but no one tried anything to overcome this religious injustice. Because all kings of Maharashtra respected Vedas, Puranas and religious literature very much. That is why the Vedas could not raise the courage to take any action against the Puranas, and the kings were also told that the Vedas came out of the mouth of Brahma, therefore it is not to obey the words of Vedas and Puranas. Do not believe in God's order. That is why no king or ruler could dare to remove this religious and social injustice.

But in the beginning of the 20th century, King Shahuji Maharaj of Kolhapur principality dared to go against the Vedas and Puranas and dedicated the administration of Kolhapur concession without the welfare of the entire people without discrimination.

Chhatrapati Shahu ji Maharaj
Chhatrapati Shahu ji Maharaj
Chhatrapat Shahuji Maharaj gave an order on 26th July 1902, under which provision of 50% reservation for the backward class and the weaker sections in the government offices of the principality was provided. In this way, the reservation of reservation for the Nivas of India started.
Shahu Ji Maharaj wanted that many
Education for the people of the class, so that the school also opened in every country. Shahuji Maharaj sent Baba Saheb to c with financial help to complete his incomplete education so that Baba Saheb could earn the knowledge and do good to the country by giving social and economic equality to the backward classes and the weaker sections in the country.
Reservation given by Chhatrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj was limited to the Kolhapur concession, but Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar wanted to establish an equitable society by ending social and economic injustice across the country.
About 150 years have passed since the British rule in the country. I have been demanding Swaraj for a long time, for which the British Government called Round Table Conference in London in 1930-1931. Baba Saheb participated in the Round Table Conference from Dalits
At the Round Table Conclave Baba Saheb said in his speech: - "In place of the English bureaucratic government in India, people should be formed by people, for the people"

Round table Confrence in Dr.ambedkar And Gandhiji
Round Table Conference

Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar demanded the Swaraj for the Indian from the British Government and demanded separate constituencies in the Legislatures for the Dalits.
Baba Saheb believed